Annual General Meeting 2023

The annual general meeting of 2023 will be held on Thursday May 4 at 6pm. The meeting takes place in the Sykur hall in Gróska, Bjargargata 1, 102 Reykjavík. The location of the meeting can be seen here

The agenda of the meeting includes ordinary tasks of annual general meetings. The agenda of the meeting is according to the bylaws of Efling, art. 28

1. Report of the board. 
2. Audited accounts of the company submitted for processing. 
3. Announcement of the election of the board and the delegate council. 
4. Changes to the bylaws if there are any proposals. 
5. Determination of the membership fee, if there is a proposal for a change. 
6. Other matters. 

Light refreshments will be on offer. 

All full members of Eflingar are encouraged to attend the meeting but please note that ony full members of Efling have the right to attend and voting rights in the meeting. It is possible to apply for full membership on Efling My Pages

Efling members are to confirm their attendance by filling in a form on the Efling webpage.