This is how you submit data through My Pages

In My pages, Efling union members can now submit data that is necessary for the processing of cases at the Labour Rights Division of Efling.

Efling is constantly working on improving the electronic service to make it easier for members to submit data, make the service more accessible and speed up the processing of each case.

This is a great benefit for members who can now compile this data and send it at a time that suits them best. This makes the office’s services much more accessible to mermbers, as data can be sent electronically instead of having to contact the office during opening hours. My pages also show case status, so when data has been received and reviewed, the case status is updated. This also increases data security, as data received through My pages is saved securely in Efling’s filing system.

To submit data, members go to My pages at the top of Efling’s website, click on “My issues” and select “Submitted message”. You can submit data such as employment contracts, pay slips, bank statements, payment records from authorities, communications with employer, letters of resignation and more.

Further instructions on data submission via My Pages can be found at the link below.

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