500 signatures delivered to the Grund nursing homes

Today the employees of Grund nursing homes in Hveragerði handed the managers of the homes a declaration of solidarity with over 500 signatures. In the declaration, the recent collective dismissal was protested and demanded that it be withdrawn.

The employees attended the meeting with Gísli Páll Pálsson, the chairman of the board, and Karl Óttar Einarsson, the manager of Grund nursing homes. The meeting was held in the meeting room of Ás nursing home in Hveragerði. At the meeting with Efling’s members were Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir, chairman of Efling, and Ragnar Ólason, an expert at Efling.

The text of the declaration was as follows: “We, the undersigned, express our solidarity with the staff of the Grund nursing homes in Hveragerði who were dismissed. We support their demand that the dismissals be withdrawn.” A total of 520 dated signatures were collected, which the employees of Grund nursing homes themselves collected from visitors and residents in Hveragerði.

Previously, the staff of the Grund nursing homes had met with the Minister of Health, Willum Þór Þórsson, where he was encouraged to lobby for the dismissal to be withdrawn. Efling’s Board of Trustees has strongly protested the dismissals, and the members themselves have stepped forward in promotional materials.