Contract approved with great majority

Voting among Efling members about the new agreement with SA is finished. The contract was approved with over three-fourths of cast votes, and participation increased greatly compared to the vote in 2019. These are the results:

  • Yes said 2,782 or 76% of those who voted.
  • No said 493 or 13% of those who voted.
  • 377 or 10% turned in a blank vote.

Of the 20,326 Efling members on the registry, 3,652 used their right to vote, or just under 18%. In comparison, turnout was just over 10% in a similar vote about the contracts signed in 2019.

“I congratulate members on the new contract and the Negotiations Committee of Efling with this solid majority approval. This is a sign of great and valuable confidence to the members who lead these negotiations to their conclusion. I am also happy that we have increased turnout by close to 80% compared with the 2019 vote, which to me shows our progress in increasing members’ participation in the union in the last years,” said Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir, chairman of Efling Union.

Efling encourages members to familiarize themselves with all the changes in the contract, especially wage raises. Members are also encouraged to ensure that raises show up on their payslips with the next payment of salaries. Raises are in effect from February 1, and the next salary payment should thus include retroactive raises for February.