Information about the agreement between Efling and SA 2024-2028

About the agreement

The newly signed agreement between the Efling union and the Samtök Atvinnulífsins is part of the Stability and Welfare Collective Agreement 2024 – 2028. The main goals of the agreement are to contribute to the reduction of inflation and interest rates and also to strengthen the transfer system of the country’s households.

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An agreement was signed between Efling and Samtök Atvinnulífsins on March 7. The agreement includes improved conditions and rights for members of Efling union for the next four years. The contract expires at the end of January 2028.

The agreement is however only valid with the approval of the members through electronic voting. If the agreement is approved, it will be valid from February 1, 2024 and will expire at the end of January 2028.

Salary increase

The salary increase is retroactive from February 1, 2024.

For 100% work, the minimum increase is ISK 23,750. or 3.25%

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Increases over the contract period are as follows:

February 1. 20243,25%A minimum of 23.750 kr.
January 1. 20253,50%A minimum of 23.750 kr.
January 1. 20263,50%A minimum of 23.750 kr.
January 1. 20273,50%A minimum of 23.750 kr.

Salary tables are available in the contract and will be updated on if the contract is approved.

Special increases for workers in the cleaning sector

As of February 1, 2024, jobs in the cleaning sector are ranked in wage category 8, but were previously in wage category 6.

A special additional payment, the cleaning bonus, will be paid from August 1, 2024. The cleaning bonus is ISK 19,500 special payment per month based on 100% work. The payment is in addition to salary increases.

Other changes

  • Increased shift-bonuses in workload for restaurant staff 00:00-05:00 Saturday and Sunday nights.
  • Changes to the trustees section.
  • Increased protection for staff who submit comments on facilities and conditions at the workplace.

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The collective bargaining agreement in the general market is valid from February 1, which means that the employer must pay the employee with March wage increases that come on top of the February wages.

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When the retroactivity is paid, it is important to look at your payslip.

What has changed with the new collective agreement is the following:

  • Increase in salary scales
    • 23,750 ISK increase to a minimum
    • Corresponding increases in all hourly wages (daytime work, shift work, and overtime)
  • Salaries above the salary scales increase by 3.25%, but never less than ISK 23,750.
  • 3.25% increase in wage-related components from February 1 (this refers to e.g. bonuses in fish processing and other special payments that are in collective agreements)
  • Cleaning jobs increase to wage category 8

Salary table from February 1. 2024

Salary categoryStarting salary1 year3 years5 years
Salary category 4425,985430,245436,699445,433
Salary category 5428,456432,741439,232448,017
Salary category 6430,941435,250441,779450,615
Salary category 7433,440437,774444,341453,228
Salary category 8435,954440,314446,919455,857
Salary category 9438,483442,868449,511458,501
Salary category 10441,026445,436452,118461,160
Salary category 11443,584448,020454,740463,835
Salary category 12446,157450,619457,378466,526
Salary category 13448,745453,232460,030469,231
Salary category 14451,348455,861462,699471,953
Salary category 15453,966458,506465,384474,692
Salary category 16456,599461,165468,082477,444
Salary category 17459,247463,839470,797480,213
Salary category 18461,911466,530473,528482,999
Salary category 19464,590469,236476,275485,801
Salary category 20467,285471,958479,037488,618
Salary category 21469,995474,695481,815491,451
Salary category 22472,721477,448484,610494,302
Salary category 23475,463480,218487,421497,169
Salary category 24478,221483,003490,248500,053

Increases in holiday and December allowances

As per the agreement, holiday and December bonuses will increase annually.

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Increases in December and holiday bonuses 2024-2028:

Holiday bonusDesember bonus
202458.000 kr.106.000 kr.
202560.000 kr.110.000 kr.
202662.000 kr.114.000 kr.
202764.000 kr.118.000 kr.


In the agreement, the vacation rights of workers increase. All Efling members who have worked for six months or more in a profession and are older than 22 now receive a minimum leave of 25 days, but their leave used to be 24 days.

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Changes to holiday accrual apply from 1 May 2024

  • An employee who is 22 years of age or older and has worked for six months in the same company shall be entitled to:
    • 25 working days for vacation
    • Holiday pay amounting to 10.64%
  • An employee who has worked for five years in the same company shall be entitled to:
    • 26 working days for vacation
    • Holiday pay amounting to 11.11%
  • Vacation accrual for those who have worked for five years in the same company will change again from 1 May 2025 so that they are entitled to:
    • 28 working days for vacation
    • Holiday pay amounting to 12.07%