The main changes to the conditions of cleaners (slides)

Efling has prepared a presentation about the main changes that Efling’s new collective agreement with the Confederation of Employers (SA) if approved in a vote among the members, will entail for the terms of cleaners. The presentation can be found in the attached slide package in this article. The same presentation can also be found in Spanish at the bottom of the article. This article continues after the slide package below.

Changes apply to everyone who works in cleaning at cleaning companies or is hired directly by private businesses. They do not apply to hotel workers (maids) or those who work in the public sector.

All cleaning staff will move up two salary categories and receive the same salary increases as other members of Efling. Salaries will increase by at least 24,306 ISK annually and by 97,224 ISK during the contract period. In addition, a special monthly cleaning bonus of 19,500 ISK will be added starting next August. The cleaning bonus is not part of the base salary. 

Further explanations and presentation of the new collective agreement’s changes for cleaners can be seen below in the slide presentations.

The presentation can be found in Icelandic here.
The presentation can be found in Polish here.

A Spanish version is below.