Educational grants

Educational grants


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The maximum amount per year for all types of grants (i.e. studies, courses, trips) is 130.000 ISK for members with full rights to the Educational Fund. Otherwise the amount will be in proportion with member´s work within the last 12 months.

The maximum amount for leisure grants per year is 30.000 ISK for members with full rights in the fund. Otherwise the amount will be in proportion with member´s work within the last 12 months.

A maximum of 90% of the total course costs will be reimbursed for those working for private companies, and up to 100% for thos working for the public sector companies. Additional costs for books, exams and school/student association fees are not reimbursed. Note that before January 1st 2022 only the theoretical part of driving course was supported (not driving lessons) but for studies purchased and invoices issued after 1 January 2022 the driving lessons are also supported according to the rules of the funds.

Members who work for private companies and apply to Starfsafl can apply for a grant for the following in addition to general and job related studies: 

Career aptitude assessments conducted under the guidance of education and career counselors.

The cost of materials as part of the tuition fees in upper secondary school, except those fees that are considered optional i.e school and student association fees. It should be emphasized that this applies only to tuition fees that are part of the tuition in upper secondary school.  

Exams and certificate fees that are an integral part of their studies/graduation i.e a driver‘s license.

Jobe related coaching that is a total maximum of 12 hours within one calendar year. The invoice must state that the training is job related, the number of hours and confirmation of the coaches‘ ACC certification.

Members who have continuously paid into the union for the past 3 years and have not used their rights for a grant may be entitled to a grant up to 390.000 for one continuous work related course in accordance with the additional rules of the fund.

Please note, members have three months to submit an application after they stop paying member fees and will only be reimbursed for studies/courses that began while the applicant was paying into the union.

Starfsafl does not sponsor education courses that take place on foreign websites, with the exception of higher education from accredited universities. Additionally, Starfsafl requires that if the confirmation of payment is from a bank, then it must be from an Icelandic bank.

Exceptions to the General Rules:

Members who do not speak Icelandic as their native language can apply for a refund for Icelandic classes after paying into the union for one month. These classes can be reimburses a maximum of 90% for workers at private companies and 100% for workers in the public sector.

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Please Note:

In order to receive reimbursement, the member must have paid into the union for 6 of the last 24 months and have been a member when the course was paid for.

The member has three months to submit their application after they stop working, but they must have been a member of the union at the time when the study was paid for.

Please Include with the application:

The original invoice in the name of the member and stating the course/course description, and the name and kennitala of the instructor. If no confirmation of payment is listed on the invoice, an additional confirmation of payment must be submitted (i.e. from the member‘s online bank or a payment receipt from the school/company).

Members who are registered with the Directorate of Labor must submit confirmation of the grand amount from the Directorate of Labor with their application, regardless of whether they received a grant or not.

Due to an application for a grant for study or a course abroad it is necessary to submit an original invoice in the original language and in English, a confirmation of payment from internet bank and a detailed breakdown of costs must be provided.

Invoices may not be older than 12 months.

Documents need to be delivered to the fund by the twentieth of each month, in order to ensure payment at the end of the month. If the twentieth comes up on the weekend the application must be delivered before closing time on the Friday before. A special deadline is in December that is advertised in advance.