Cancellations and changes to the rental agreement

For cancellation or changes to the rental agreement for a summer house, a booking fee of ISK 1,500 is charged. If you wish to return or change the rental agreement, you must send a request by e-mail to with your name and kennitala along with the agreement number.

• If returned more than a week in advance, a full refund will be made except ISK 1,500 booking fee, transferred to your account.

• If the rental agreement is returned later (less than a week in advance) and the summer house cannot be re-leased, there will be no refund.

Weather / impassable roads

If members cannot go to a summer house due to the weather / impassable roads, a notice must be sent by e-mail to before the rental period begins. Requirement for a refund because of weather conditions is that the Icelandic Met Office has given out a warning. Travel to and from summer houses is the sole responsibility of those leasing it and Efling does not pay any costs that you may incur due to bad weather conditions. It is important to look at the weather forecast and driving conditions before going to the summer house.

• Full refund will be made except ISK 1,500 booking fee.


A notification must be sent to the e-mail address before the rental period begins and the Recreational fund may also request a medical certificate.

• Full refund will be made except ISK 1,500 booking fee.

Reimbursement will be made by bank transfer. A bank account number must accompany the notification.

Rent is never refunded if notification is received after the rental period begins.