Digital communication

We urge people to use digital means of communication. Almost all services provided by Efling can be accessed digitally in My pages.

You can also reach us via e-mail: or call via the telephone number 510-7500.

Here are some detailed instructions on how to seek services and the staff is prepared to answer questions and provide union members with all the necessary assistance.


Logging on to mínar síður is done using electronic ID.

  • Grants from the union’s funds may be applied for there without much difficulty
  • The amount of grant money which each union member can apply for can be seen there
  • An overview of how much one has paid in union dues can be accessed there
  • All the necessary personal information can be updated there

Information regarding grants and sickness benefits from the sickness fund.

Grants and sickness benefits are applied for at mínar síður.

Queries may be submitted via

Documents which must be attached to grant applications:

  • A scanned copy or photograph of a receipt, on which the name and ID number (kennitala) of the buyer and seller are visible, as well as the item or service which was purchased.
  • In rare instances, paychecks or other documents may be required, in which case the staff of the sickness fund will notify the individual.

Documents which must be attached to applications for sickness benefits:

  • Sickness benefits confirmation – the local health center or the doctor can be asked to send it straight to Efling by mail. Please note that sickness benefits confirmations should not be sent via email.
  • Certificate of employment from the employer
  • The most recent paycheck

Documents which must be attached to applications for death compensation:

  • A fully filled-out application form, see here
  • An overview of the process of estate distribution from the district commissioner
  • Power of attorney from the other heirs, if the compensation sum is to be deposited into the account of an heir


Information regarding grants from the education fund.

Queries may be submitted via

Documents which must be attached to grant applications:

A scanned copy or photograph of the bill in the name of the union member, which includes the name and content of the course in question and the name and ID number of the instructor. If there is no confirmation of payment on the bill, an additional confirmation of the payment is required, for instance from the online bank or a receipt from the school/company in question.

Union members who are registered at the directorate of labor must also attach to the application confirmation of the sum of money received from the directorate.

Along with grant applications for studies or courses attended outside the country, an original copy of the bill must be submitted in the original language and in English, and it needs to include an itemized list of costs.


Information regarding the services of the vacation fund.

To apply for a vacation house during the allocation period in the summer or to book a house during the winter period, one visits the booking web at mínar síður. Lodging discounts can also be applied for there.

For those interested in buying tickets or cards or something else, emails can be sent to with one’s name and ID number. All queries will be answered as quickly as possible.

Rights and employment terms

The department og rights and employment terms is involved in various tasks related to the wage struggles of the union’s members and provides advice and assistance.

Queries may be sent via