The professional group of social assistants

The professional group of social assistants was founded in May of 2005.  The group is open to all those who have concluded (or are about to conclude) social assistance studies and are working according to the rates specified by the collective agreements of Efling-union. Social assistants within Efling-union now number over 230 and more than 60 are in the middle of social assistance studies. About half of social assistants work for the city of Reykjavík and other municipalities, while an equally large group works in nursing homes and several non-profit organizations.

The duties of social assistants are quite diverse, the majority tending to the elderly, whether in domestic services or in nursing homes.  Also, a certain subsection works with the disabled. Most of the social assistants of Efling have graduated from Mímir-símenntun but a sizable proportion has also graduated from Borgarholtsskóli. Mímir, in cooperation with Efling, also offers college courses for Alzheimer’s, as well as courses about disabilities. A college-level bridge for social assistance studies, meant for foreign employees, has also been well received, the training having been designed for nursing- and care-workers whose first language is not Icelandic. Basic courses I and II are a prerequisite, or 230 lessons in professional courses and 3 years or more of work experience.

The board of the professional group of social assistants

Dagbjört K. Þórhallsdóttir

Múlabær, dagþjálfun aldraða

Anna Lydia Hallgrímsson

Droplaugastaðir og Eir hjúkrunarheimili

Rebeninta Torres La len

Skógarbær hjúkrunarheimili

Signe Reidun Skarsbö

Hrafnista Reykjavík

Kristín Þorsteinsdóttir

Félagsþjónusta Seltjarnarness