Do you know your rights?

It is important for working people to know their collective bargaining rights. That enables us to monitor whether the employer fulfills his obligations regarding terms and conditions of the workplace.

What is important to watch out for?

  1. Employment contract:
    Be sure you get a written employment contract. You should receive a copy of the contract. The employment contract should state; your full name, workplace, short job description, salary, job percentage, pension fund, collective agreement and union membership.
  2. Write down the hours worked:
    A law was recently passed by Althingi which stipulates the employer’s obligation to set up a time recording system. However, it is still common for those systems to be unreliable. Therefore, it is important to keep track of your hours worked. If you need Efling’s assistance with an issue it is important that you have your worked hours documented.
  3. Pay slip: Your pay slip should show all your worked hours and holiday rights as well as anything your employer deducts from your wages such as tax, pension payments, union dues and etc. You should be able to find your payslip in your online bank under electronic documents.
  4. Communications with employer: Note that if something comes up between you and your employer, you can turn to Efling. For example if you were dismissed from your workplace and did not receive a letter of resignation it is best to have copies of electronic written communications between you and your employer.
  5. If in doubt, contact your union: You can always contact Efling for advice on work-related issues. To contact Efling union, you can send an email to Your union is there for you if something happens at your workplace, and will only act on your behalf with your consent.

The trade union

What does a union do?

The trade union movement is the largest social movement in Iceland. Most workers are members of a trade union. Efling is one of the largest trade unions in the country with around 28,000 members.

  • Unions negotiate on minimum wages and other working conditions in collective agreements for all workers in the labor market.
  • Unions can also give members advice, help them claim unpaid wages and provide legal services if necessary, in cases where employers violate the employees rights in some way.
  • You can contact Efling union through the e-mail The union will only act on your behalf with your consent.
  • The unions also provide their members with various other services such as different grants, courses and holiday homes.

Various services for Efling’s members:

Grants and applications

Members are offered various types of grants such as grants for glasses, physical fitness grants, educational grants, travel grants and more. Find out more here:

Events and courses

Numerous courses and events are available for members. See more here:

Recreational fund and traveling discounts

Efling offers members travel discounts with Icelandair, accommodation discounts around the country as well as the Camping and Fishing card at a favorable prices. See more below:

Holiday houses

Efling offers members a number of holiday homes and apartments across the country for renting at favorable prices. See more below:

Wage calculator

The wage calculator allows you t0 calculate whether you are being paid the correct salary. The calculator applies to those who work under Efling’s collective agreements with the Confederation of Icelandic Enterprise.

My pages

In My pages, members can access a variety of information about their rights, apply for grants, holiday houses and more.

My rights

Rights in the labor market vary by occupations. Employment rights in the general and public markets, for example, differ in many respects. In order to find out your employment rights for things like vacation time, sickness, major public holidays, December bonuses and more, it is necessary to know which collective agreement you work under.

Collective agreements and terms depending on job sectors:

If you are unsure under which collective agreement your job falls, you can contact Efling.